What are the benefits of sit-stand workstations?

Computers have changed our lives in many ways. Some are obvious while others are less apparent.

One of the more significant changes computers brought into the world of office work and office furniture are computer workstations.

In the beginning of the computerization of our offices, it was widely believed that the ideal, least unhealthy work position was to sit straight in front of a computer desk, feet firmly planted on the floor, knees, back/thigh angle and elbows angle all at 90 degrees. It was known as the 90-90-90 position. A decade later, experts thought that these angles should be greater than 90 degrees.

However, sitting for a long period of time, even at the improved ‘neutral’ posture, could not prevent discomfort. Frequently changing a position actually helped prevent discomfort and musculoskeletal issues better than the improved neutral posture. Moving or walking for 5 to 10 minutes per hour were sufficient for this effect.

Today, the new sit-stand workstations are one step up from simply walking around on a regular basis. The improved, advanced work desk at sit-stand work stations Oakland fully incorporate the advantages of the new system.

What exactly are the benefits of these stations?

The U.S. Army Health Command evaluated the pro and the con of sitting versus standing. The Command concluded that a sit-stand workstation combines the advantages of both postures by allowing    multiple healthy postures during the day.

A well-designed sit-stand workstation incorporates the following:

  • Must be height adjustable to accommodate all users
  • All sections of the station must be adjustable
  • Desk and keyboard heights must be adjustable individually to fit all
  • Monitor must be adjustable to the user’s eye level
  • A mouse pad at the height of the keyboard or slightly below.

Using such a sit-stand station has definite health benefits.

Getting Your Credit Card Ready for the ATM

A lot of people have credit cards. Cash seems to be something of the past that we don’t really use in the way that we used to. But, the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of different things that you can do with cash still. Some stands and stores don’t feel like they need to make the change over to other things but, at the same time, how are you supposed to know that? Some people recommend that you still carry cash with you at all times.

There are a lot of things that you can do to make sure that you can get cash out as well. If you have a credit or debit card, you want to make sure that you take some time to see how you can get an atm setup Harker Heights TX. Why? Because it will help you to see exactly what it is that you can do with your card. It will allow you to get connected to ATMs so that you can take out any amount of money (as long as you have it available) so that you can have cash, wherever it is that you may be looking to go.

All in all, it’s great to have these and it’s well worth the time and energy it takes to go through the process. Talk to your bank or credit union to see what they suggest about it and to make sure that you understand just what you’re getting into in order to achieve your goals. Take some time to work with your bank and you will see just how much of a difference that it can make for you to have this sort of access to what you’re trying to do.

Why QuickBooks Is The Best For Accountants

QuickBooks hosting is the best way for accountants to work efficiently. If your accountant, bookkeeper, or tax professional needs access to your data, you can simply allow them to access your QuickBooks data file. This allows them to access the data from a location that is convenient to them, at a time that is convenient to them. It will no longer be necessary for them to be at the workplace physically in order to see the necessary documents. This cuts down on a lot of wasted time.

Hosting all of the data in one central location also means that it won’t be necessary to download files as much. Instead of downloading a document or file, attaching it a to an e-mail and sending it to the necessary person, that person can just access QuickBooks for the file that they need. It will make work a lot more efficient.

Because QuickBooks will be used in a business context, it is possible that more than one person can access the same files simultaneously. There’s no limit to this, so an accountant, a tax professional and whoever else needs to view the files can do so at the same time with absolutely no problem whatsoever at all.

Besides the fact that QuickBooks offers automatic backups that will prevent any data from being lost, it is also a very secure way to store important data. It is secure for important data because it has very strong and powerful encryption technology. This encryption technology is the same kind that banks use to prevent hackers from entering their systems. Other precautions include both firewalls and a very effective anti-virus. Firewalls block unwanted people from accessing QuickBooks (for example, hackers) whereas anti-viruses will prevent a virus from infecting any of the documents or data hosted. QuickBooks hosting is therefore extremely secure.

How To Find The Perfect Franchise Opportunity

Thinking of opening a business? Skip the hassle of a start-up and instead, look for opportunities to open a franchise. You get the support and recognition of a national (or international) company, and you’ll have to spend less when it comes to getting started. However, one of the keys to success is ultimately finding the right franchise for you. These tips will help you get started.

Consider Costs

When it comes to your franchise, it can be helpful to look at existing franchises and their statistics and financials. For example, if you want to open a shipping store, it will be useful to look at UPS franchise profitability before you make your decision.

Research The Market

A benefit of going with franchises for your new business is that you’ll have a major corporation’s resources available to you. This means options for market research and an understanding of projections for the industry. However, as a business owner you should be intimately familiar with your local market – which is the one that matters with a franchise – meaning you should conduct your own research. Look into competitors and market potential, and you’ll start off informed.

Know Your Strengths

A great thing about opening a franchise is you don’t need to be an expert in the industry. You’ll get plenty of support from parent companies to learn as much as you can. However, you should still know your own strengths, whether from education or experience. When it comes down to it, you will be responsible for ensuring the success of the operation, so you should know how you function in a managerial capacity, or whether that might be better left to an employee. Additionally, if you aren’t an expert in the industry, hiring someone who is will only help boost your reputation in the local community.